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In the bathroom

Natural skin care

Ozone water is an excellent natural skin treatment for softer and healthier looking skin. It helps to keep the skin free from germs with less drying compared to ordinary chemical cleansing substance. Ideal for facial cleansing to reduce pimples and acne caused by germs on your skin. Ozone water is also excellent for topical treatment to wash sores, ulcers, burns, and use to promote the healing of wounds and skin diseases caused resulting in red, dry or scaly skin inflammation.


Oral hygiene care

Teeth and mouth from having decay and halitosis. Also it could disinfect toothbrush stored in the bathroom.

Gargling with ozone water can remove unpleasant odours, keep the mouth fresh and prevent oral infections. It can also treat canker sores and other sensitive oral areas.


Foot hygiene care

Ozone water is good for treating and preventing skin diseases such as athlete's foot or other foot fungus conditions, in addition to reducing unpleasant odours. Simple wash your feet by ozone water for 5 minutes is most natual and effective foot hygiene.

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