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Ozone is O3, a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms. Ozone gas smells just like fresh grass and pale blue under normal temperature. There's a same scent when you are in a forest, under a rainfall, and around the seaside or river.

And the Ozonized water is based on our "air-water instant Mix" patent. Through the air-water mixing in the faucet, we can enjoy ozonized water which has extremely strong power to disinfect with many applications.

Food chemical poisoning is mainly caused by agrochemical remnants. Amongst all pestcide, organ phosphorus accounts for big portion. It's characterize is having a short incubation period. People who intake it will exhibit several symptoms: dyspnea, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and excessive phlegm in minutes; the symptoms may dissappear after an hour. Agrochemical remnants cause acute poisoning, while means those who consume few in long time might result in chronic poisoning, especially for farmers, vegetarian and agrochemical factory workers. In other words, pesticide will bring life-threatening illnesses in a long time.

Research also shows pesticide will affect our brain, personality and even behavior. Cerebral cortex research indicates an internal relationship between these disorders and pesticide poisoning. Pesticides such as Dimethoate will cause body deformation and may cause cancer. Especially, agrochemicals are widely used now. It'll be a big challenge in public sanitation to avoid consuming agrochemical remnants.

Pesticides have chemical structures, which is similar to bacteria and fungus. Therefore, oxidation ozone can break down the structure and damage the carbon chain bond. This causes the agrochemicals to decompose into CO2, H2O and other harmless substances. Test results show that the Ozone Antibacterial Sanitizer can remove high percentage of pesticides in a short time.

    Ozone reacts 3000 times faster than Chlorine and 30 times than cresol extract for elinminating bacteria. Ozone can penetrate germs' cell membrane and kill them by destroying its RNA, DNA. By penetrating into bacteria and damage the protein layer can make the bacteria die.

Our clinical testing and SGS test results show that the Ozonized water is effective in removing bacteria. Over than 99% of bacteria (including e. coli and salmonella) are eliminated in a few seconds.

Without Ozone disinfection, good cells will sacrifice against bacteria. And the priority should be given to eliminate bacteria that endangers our health. By quickly reducing the amount of bacteria can lower the possibility of infection and disease. And more good cells will be produced by the body to replace bad ones.

Ozone is so effective at removing dirt just like eliminating bacteria. By washing hands with ozonized water, dirt, dust and other materials will be removed. This will deeply clean your skin and make it smooth.

Yes! Tinea pedis is caused by the dermatophytes. Ozonized water is able to inhibit dermatophytes and other fungi. It is also effective at eliminating the odor of foot.Yes! Tinea pedis is caused by the dermatophytes. Ozonized water is able to inhibit dermatophytes and other fungi. It is also effective at eliminating the odor of foot.

It's suggested to drink after boiling or leave it for 15 minutes untill ozone reverts back to oxygen. 

No! Ozone is one of safe and effective drinking water solution declared by FDA. There is no residue and doesn't cause environmental pollution. Unlike many other chemical cleaning agents, Ozone returns itself into oxygen in a short time and causes nothing threat to our environment. However, it only keeps the water clean and the air fresh. That's why many scientists recommend Ozone and call it "eco-friendly element."

That's right! Use ozonied water to clean baby bottles and feeding tools can keep them away from bacteria, which will multiplicate in the moist and warm environment.

No! Water from Kona's Ozone faucet will not make skin aging On the contrary, it will make skin look younger, smoother and softer. It also eliminates bacteria on the body surface and helps blood vessels bring fresh oxygen, improve blood circulation, increase metabolism and slow down the skin aging.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are organic, which release ethylene that'll cause them to rot later than the usual. Ozone oxidizes the ethylene and causes it to break down then fruits and vegetables can stay fresh longer.

   That's truly a bias, Europe has widely used Ozone for years. Besides, many countries like the U.S. or Taiwan has approved Ozone as a legal water solution. Moreover, FDA's high standard certification secures the safety of kona Ozone faucet against air emission.

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