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kona Ozone special features

'' We create ozone water on-faucet for you in the home and commercial facilities. ''

Stylish - Ozone generator is located under the sink or basin to ensure aesthetic looking of the faucet.

Hi-Tech - Exclusive water-air combinative technology. The ozone dissolves in water by 90% upmost.

Convenience- Ozone sterilization operates when turning on faucets.

Light- Small volume and light weight. The ozone generator is located under a sink to save space.

Patent- We carry patents internationally.

Certification - We carry pluming approvals NSF, WRAS and Watermark. Ozone generator is certified by CE. FDA Class 1 listed as a medical device 

Safety- Use water-electricity separating construction to avoid the danger of electric leakage.

Diversity - We have many models in options for different application, e.g sensor, pull out or install with a purification system.

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