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Free your food from bacteria & toxins

Foods are exposed to pathogenic bacteria, antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides in the process of growing and packaging. At retailers, where foods are purchased, they are exposed to bacteria from the hands of vendors and customers. When fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat are washed by ozone water, surface bacterium is killed. Harmful pesticides and herbicides are rendered harmless, making foods safer to eat.

Maintain Freshness

Ozone water will keep your food fresh. It not only effectively kills microorganisms that cause food spoilage but also destroys ethylene gas that causes vegetables to wither. The reduction of ethylene gas increases shelf life and reduces shrinkage. Ozone delays moulding and decay of many perishable foods, including fruits and vegetables, helping them retain their freshness and flavor longer.

Neutralizes Pesticides

Studies showed that pesticides are linked to cancer and other health disorders. Ozone enhances the taste of fresh perishable food by oxidizing pesticides and neutralizing ammonia and ethylene gases produced by ripening or decay.

Disinfect your kitchen equipment

Dish soap and water remove germs from surfaces, but they cannot kill germs. By disinfecting your kitchen equipment regularly with ozone water, you greatly reduce the risk of unknowingly transmitting germs through surface contact. Ozone removes mildew, fungus, germs and odors that soap and water alone leave behind.

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